The liuhe a multi-function life compass
Kevin's liuhe a multi-function life compass Z004 (army green)
Features: has the function of the compass, and can be hanged on it the other items, bearing force is big, easy to carry, but also convenient field take things.
1. Standard military regulations high decibel survival tower (patent design within the voice storehouse makes further more harsh whistle)
2. Refers to the north (south) needle (high accurate, clear at a glance)
3. High accurate thermometer (faster and more accurate first time grasp the current temperature)
4. Survival reflective signal mirror (using the sunlight reflection principle to search and rescue personnel to explain your current position)
5. Fire magnifying glass (in the field under the condition of no fire, can use the sun to magnifier focusing principle, sunshine refraction to spring, leaves produce fire, than "bore wood to get fire" good!
6. High white light LED flashlight (in the field has no light premise, the use of emergency lighting system, LED lamp life 10000 hours)
7. Seal warehouse (the trip before can be in place their survival rule: write their name, address, telephone number, type and so on to get a rescue personnel to your first time grasp)
8. Nylon hang rope (carry more convenient)

Outdoor folding bed EC0607
Type: EC0607
Size: 180 * 60 * h55cm (both code)
Color: blue red green tarmac
Surface material: 100% polyester support: iron pipe
Description: durable, folding portable, in outdoor travel give you a relaxed, comfortable sense.
Style description: through money

Wally LED camping lamp
Type: EL1272
Size: net weight: 100 g packing specifications: 8 * 8 * 15 cm (both code) 80 (w) x80 (d) x150 (h) mm
Match colors: red
Material: shell material: PC translucent high-temperature PC light bead: 7 high brightness LED
Description: hidden switch, 4 aa battery frame design, small size, easy to carry.
Style description: through money

EB0757 four people group package for a picnic
Type: EB0757
Match colors: green,
Surface material: 600 d Oxford cloth
Description: specification: 20 l, Net weight: 2136 g. Four people group picnic bag, in the four seasons. With interior all kinds of tableware, wine qpparatus, complete package, install easy to use.
Style description: through money